How students’ use of Generative AI will make traditional selection processes redundant

A comprehensive report on the impact of Generative AI on Talent Acquisition and Early Careers selection.

Get insights generated from a survey of 2,000 students and recent graduates, as well as data science-led research with UCL postgraduate researchers.

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If you're looking for in-depth insights and practical recommendations on how to get ahead of the seismic shift in Talent Acquisition that Generative AI will force within 12 months, this report is for you.

The report reveals fresh data and insights about how...

 👉​ 72% of students and recent graduates are already using some form of Generative AI each week 

👉​ Almost a fifth of candidates are already using Generative AI to help them fill in job applications or assessments, with increased adoption among under-represented groups 

👉​ Candidates believe it is their right to use Generative AI in the selection process and a third would not work for an employer who told them they couldn't do so

Download the report now for deep dives into:

📝​ Why Talent Acquisition and Early Careers teams must rethink their selection process right now

🤖​ How 2,000 students and recent graduates use Generative AI and feel about potential employers’ attitudes to it

📈 How good ChatGPT is at completing psychometric assessments and how worried TA leaders should be, according to data science-led research

💪 Next steps progressive TA leaders can take right away to adapt their selection process

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