The Playbook for
CV-less Hiring

How you can hire for potential, while cutting costs & saving time

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Employers all over the world are facing a skills crisis. And, as a result, they're forced to hire from the same narrow talent pool – driving up salaries, and widening the DE&I divide.

Yet many organisations still recruit as they’ve always done – screening candidates out based on a lack of experience, rather than screening in for potential. We’re stuck in an experience trap, and the only escape is a total rethink of how we hire.


The free Playbook covers:

  • Scrap the CV & hire for potential

  • The six step playbook

  • How we implemented hiring for potential

  • The ecosystem to support potential

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Start hiring for potential today, broaden your talent pools, and cut hiring costs.

Download The Playbook

It’s time to take a bold first step out of the experience trap, to build more adaptable and diverse organisations


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