The ultimate guide to managing candidates' use of GenAI

This practical guide gives context, advice and templates to help you understand how to define and communicate your position on candidates' use of GenAI.

It’s curated from best practices in the TA Disruptors community and insights from the likes of Siemens, HelloFresh, The Institute of Student Employers, the Government Skills and Curriculum Unit, UCAS, and many more.

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Did you know that 7 in 10 candidates planning to use GenAI to complete applications and assessments in the coming months? TA teams are already reporting a significant increase in the volume of applications and a mismatch in candidate performance at later stages of the application process. And as adoption grows, this challenge is only likely to get worse.

But according to a recent poll by Hung Lee, only 9% of TA professionals currently have a policy on candidate usage of GenAI. And the number of those who are clearly communicating that policy to candidates is likely even lower.  

Failing to get your policy right could have consequences that range from destabilising the equity of your hiring process and setting back diversity efforts years to completely destroying the efficacy of your sift.

That’s why we consulted with disruptive TA leaders from the likes of HelloFresh, Siemens, and the Government Skills and Curriculum Unit to bring you the ultimate guide to managing candidates’ use of GenAI. 

Packed with practical advice, templates, and coaching content, it's your roadmap to a future of recruitment that maximises GenAI's potential while preserving and harnessing the benefits of a diverse talent pool.

With extensive research and consolidated insights from disruptive TA leaders, the guide includes...


🤖​ Advice on where to permit candidate usage of GenAI vs where not to: helping you to maintain the efficacy and efficiency of your selection process while maintaining a positive employer brand.

💻​ Templated guidance you can put on your careers site
: advising candidates on where you’re comfortable with them using GenAI vs where you’re not.

💪​ Sample 'coaching content' your team can give to candidates
: helping them understand how to use GenAI to their advantage vs where using it might hold them back.


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