Attraction - Engagement - Happily ever after

We’re excited to announce our new tie-up with Wiser, the leading creative and recruitment company. We’ve come together to help you see more in your candidates, and to help them see more in you.

We’ve come together to help talent leaders unearth a better way to build diverse, dynamic, successful teams. As we said, work is changing. We want to keep changing it for the better.

With Wiser, build an inclusive, enticing and approachable employer brand that attracts the people you want, whoever they are. Then, use our assessment to fairly and accurately progress those who match what you need.

The shared mission

The partnership between Arctic Shores and Wiser is about more than just “synergies”, “efficiencies”, or “complementary offerings”. It’s built on a shared mission. 

Our Head of Partnerships, Joe Wilson, continued:

“This partnership isn’t about value, it’s about values. Our core belief at Arctic Shores is that human potential is worth knowing – no matter what someone looks like, or where they’re from. So I’m excited to partner with Wiser, who don’t just embody this vision every day, but also deliver on it for their clients. Through this partnership, we’ve uncovered a clear path to help employers attract, assess and hire the right people for them, in an engaging, objective way. Every single day. I can’t wait to get started.”



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